Province: Western Cape

I started djing at the age of 16 and have been a DJ my entire life and will never stop sharing my love for music with the universe . I have created, mixed and produced many tracks, singles and have over 205 released albums through Mixcloud as well as 9 album releases worldwide.

My skills were first recognised in the mid 80’s when I won the Technics Technical SA DJ championship and went on to be placed fourth overall in the world DJ rankings (Mix Mag 1989). I was ranked as one of the best β€œhome grown South African DJ’s”.

I am a proud music ambassador that has played alongside top notch international DJ’s, who have pioneered the music revolution to the universal language it has become today. I am featured in the January edition of the online magazine Digital Soul.

I focus on lots of freaky funky baselines and mind blowing ethnic chants which i sample when playing my live sets and have my own record label called RudeToonz. My ambition is to continue charting the diversifying horizons of psy, progressive psy and minimal tech and the way it crosses over with other genres. Whatever the setting, I am always guided by one of the truest principle of Djing: a direct and natural relationship to the energy of the crowd.

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