Province: Western Cape

Psytrix the Solo DJ Project of Sedick Abrahams, born in Cape Town, January 1990, growing up with a great influence of local and international electronic music as his genres of choice as well as keeping up to date with the lastest trends in music. Psytrix style ranges from Full-On Nighttime Psytrance to UK Psychedelic. Since the start he has had the honor of playing alongside some of the most influential DJs/Producer in Cape Town such as Xatrik, Critical Mass, Archive, Rubix Qube, Deliriant to name a few. In 2010 Psytrix partnered with Wesley PsyNTist Erasmus & PROJECT:C.H.A.N.G.E and started hosting events in aid of raising awareness aimed at the homeless and less fortunate in Cape Town. Together they hosted events in an effort to collect donations of blankets, clothing, shoes to warm up their winter months and shield them from the harsh cold. Influential Artist: Bliss, Painkiller, A-Team, Nature Disaster, Biokinetix, Skazi, Azax, Dark Nebula, U-Recken, Orca, Mental broadcast, Rinkadink, Mad Max, Cosmosis, Digital Murders, Tristan, Dickster, GMS

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