Province: Gauteng

Dylan Cairns, otherwise known as Casis, is an 18 year old DJ and producer from Johannesburg, South Africa.

His music taste has ranged far and wide and still does in some instances, showing interest in genres such as Dubstep, Deep House, Metal, Dark and Ethereal techno and many more. However, he has thankfully found his home in the wonderful realm of melodic house and techno.

Drawing inspiration from countless producers and live performers such as Stephan Bodzin, Ben BΓΆhmer, KhΓ₯en, Avoure, Kiasmos, Murphy Cooper, Ryan Murgatroyd as well as many members of the Anjunadeep family, Dylan has developed an instantly recognizable sound of his own and is only ever trying to perfect it more and more with each track.

Dylan prides himself in attempting to instill a love for melodic house and techno into South Africa through his music, giving the user a ‘glimpse’ into what this type of music can do to one’s soul, mind and body.

For Dylan, this is only the beginning and much more is yet to come.

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