Province: Gauteng

Battlefloor AKA Vincent Nemeti, has literally known nothing else other than music since the age of 12, even from that age he was an enthusiastic music producer. One of the owners and founders of the Rogue Shinobi brand. He has played alongside legendary acts such as Ace Ventura, D-Addiction, Virtual Light, Higherwattska, Broken Toy, Bernz, Gokon Rave, Highstyle, Killer B, Killawatt, Moog, Sonic Druid, and local JHB legends such as Bionic, Double Story, Manifesto, Chris Palmer and Kinetika etc. He got introduced to Psychedelic trance in 2003 and has been producing double bass full-on ever since. In 2013 started playing JHB outdoor festivals such as Red Eye Productions, !LLUMINAT!ON, and in 2014 through Mansion Records and started to perform at many Major Johannesburg Based festivals such as Tswaing Crater Gathering, Wizards of Trance, PsyClone and Positive Vibrations. His sound can be described as harder, faster and darker. He often employs soft melodic structures set against contrasting hard, gruff, growling and complex psychedelic sound. A relentless producer and connoisseur of the darker scales of Psy-trance. He was signed to Amoeba Records in 2015 and released an EP. He started to build events and party experiences from 2016, building a platform for his incredible talents for DJing and production and also to give back to the scene through brands such as Rogue Shinobi Entertainment. Which has seen him (and the Rogue Shinobi Team) created opportunities for local DJs in Johannesburg. Expect blissful vibrations as he combines his productions with solid tribal rhythms and New Age Psychedelic sound that can put one in a state of incredible deep trance that releases the pent up energies of life’s frustrations through doing Battle on the dancefloor, hence we get the name Battlefloor. Battlefloor is not only a brand for Vincent, but also a brand for the people, as he creates unique dancefloor experiences for the audience to lose their inhibitions and get tuned into a state of excitement and bliss.

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