Whzky 2020

Province: Gauteng

While still in the womb, Wesley “WhZkY” Kotton took to music and bass especially, kicking (in time) to the doofs of the kick drums and the strums of the bass guitars.

“As a kid I always wanted to make music, and started my creation of music way back when on a hi-fi with two programable buttons. (Primitive production with only a snare and a kick, but none the less at the tender age of 8 making beats.)

Finishing school allowed me the time and freedom to invest in Audio Production and Sound Engineering which led me to learn on about Lighting & Stage design as well.

I have been producing and DJ’ing for roughly 8 years now since 2011.

Starting off in the Electro, Drumstep, Dub Step and Hard House scene Initially I was part of a duo called #KottonKandy, where we played at H2O’s, One world festivals and other various kinds of music events.

You can now find the recreated WhZky (Weasle) playing alongside some of the finest DJ’s and producers JHB has to offer. While only recently being incorporated, WhZky has been seen DJ’ing at some festivals of recent. (word of advice to any up and coming dj’s – always bring your gear, opportunities arise when least expected.)

The event names:

Mozamboogy 2018



Crater Gatherings

86 Republic

And officially


WhZky music aims to splice all aspects of music and piece it together for personal productions.

Taking Jazz spits and licks and throwing them down in techno, tech house productions and DJ sets. (and the similar genre variants, what are genres nowadays anyways)

Strumming to those sexy Spanish guitars and those electric sitars, flutes and even the sounds of cars. These are some elements used in making sexy-time to your ear holes. Nothing is out of the question.

A recent example was taking the sound of the Arabian deserts, the warm daytime sandy winds and the cold still night air. You can feel this expression in the Deep & Sexy Mix.

Music created from the soul.

Played with love.

Embodied with fun and funk.

Whzky Music is here to bring motion, emotion, booty shaking, head bopping, feet stomping and body shuffling to the forefront of “our” music.

We say our because music is created to share!

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