Shaolin Funk 2020

Province: Gauteng

Shaolin Funk is a DJ duo from Johannesburg, South Africa, comprised of Travis Campbell (Random Citizen) and Evan Kotton (Kotton Kandy).
Based on a pure love for music, along with a mutual respect for one another; Shaolin Funk was born from the purest of places. This energy is carried with them throughout their performances, and has guided them on an incredibly successful journey thus far, seeing them play at some of the most renowned festivals in the country in an incredibly short period of time.
Their style cannot be confined to one specific genre or sound. Instead, their approach is to rather blend elements of Techno, Deep Tech, Progressive House and other music styles, resulting in a performance that truly captivates audiences.
Masters of mixing, Shaolin Funk, will help you to discover your inner peace with their breath-taking blend of electronic music. Their astronomical sounds transcend time and space, taking you on a journey of spiritual awakening. Let Mind, Body and Soul, become one to the rhythm of Shaolin Funk.


Some of their biggest performances thus far include:
Berg In The Burg (2016, 2017)
Twilight Open Air Festival (October 2016, March 2017, October 2017, March 2018, November 18, March 2019)
Revolution New Years Eve Festival (December 2016, 2017, 2018)
Crater Gathering (2017, 2018)
Moksha Spring Awakening (2017, 2018)
Underground Sound Indoor (2017, 2018)
Smoking Dragon New Years Festival (2017, 2018)
El Momento (April 2018)
Fenomena Phestival After Party (2018)
Mozamboogy (2018)
Earthdance Johannesburg (2018)
Equinox Festival (2019)


Winner of our Week 15 Top DJ Competition:

Shaolin Funk took part in a competition that is held on Instagram Stories on a weekly basis to find the TOP DJ for a specified week. They went up against DJ Kolb and took the Week 15 Top DJ title with 59% of the votes.

Festivals4U then contacted them for a LIVE Instagram Interview/QnA Session. The full interview can be found below or alternatively on our SoundCloud Page.



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