Random Citizen 2020

Province: Gauteng

Random Citizen is a versatile DJ hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. He has been DJing professionally for over 6 years, specializing in Hip-Hop, Bass Music and House Music Genres. In this short period he has shown much progress, from playing at local bars and night clubs, to sharing the stage with a number of renowned local and international acts including Netsky, Camo & Krooked, Mi Casa, PH Fat, Mango Groove and many others. His main strengths lie in his ability to read a crowd and to adapt his sets to reflect the time of day, setting and crowd reception. Drawing influence from music in all it’s beauty, his sets remain fresh and unique with a little something for everyone. His passion for music reverberates through his performances, complemented by distinct track selection and mixing techniques.

Featured on The Groove Podcast 2019:

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