Ghoul 2020

Province: Gauteng

The Alias of Jay-Dee Verheem, a Minimal/Deep Tech & Techno Dj based in Pretoria!

Jay-Dee started playing under the alias of Ghoul from 2014.

Originally a Progressive Metal and Post Rock solo studio artist under the project “Russian Sleep Experiment”, it was from this musical background of extreme music that Jay-Dee has always looked for its electronic equal.

Always searching in the underground scene for the deeper and darker music genres of electronic music, thus he was introduced to the world of Minimal/Deeptech & Techno.

His style is highly focused on the dark, disturbing and nightmarish sounds coupled with immensely tribal based grooves and hard hitting basslines. A strong sense of eeriness and discomforting sounds are always present in his mixes.

His philosophy when it comes to music can be attributed to the philosophy of “obZen”, which means finding Zen in the obscene and obscure. He explains that our inherent human feeling of “fear” is a very raw emotion that is captured in its essence with these styles of music. It is the ultimate form of expression of raw emotion in terms of fear, anger and all other themes of this regard. This can be attributed to his love for metal music, as this can be closely related to styles of minimal/Deep Tech & Techno as they serve as a form of release for individuals who struggle to find solace in uplifting music.

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